Solar energy is an innovative technology that is taking the world by storm. Whether you have a corporation, small business, farmer or if you are a homeowner, Rain Catchers can meet your demand. We are ready to design a project tailored directly to benefit your bottom line. Solar also works as the power house for other services that we offer. Whether solar is being used to power water pumping through drip irrigation lines to help increase crop yields, or powering an entire home. Rain Catchers Team is here to engineer a system specifically to meet all your power needs. Even though the prices of Solar Panels are down, their quality and warranty continue to rise.  So with current tax incentives in place, now is the time to invest in solar energy.
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Why choose solar?

• Greatly reduces the cost of electricity

• Options in net metering or battery backup.

• LEED Accreditation.

• Reduce your carbon footprint

• Tax Incentives at the federal and state level are available for clean energy installation until 2016

• Options in grid tie/net metering or off grid independent and secure power source with battery backup.

Commercial Services

Helping Businesses All Across the Country Save Money by Going Green!

Every kilowatt-hour of energy your solar PV panels produce is one kilowatt-hour you don’t have to buy from your energy company. Rain Catchers can custom-design a commercial solar system to meet your need, reducing your monthly energy bills by anywhere from 20 to 100 percent.

Rain Catchers is happy to walk  you through the process every step of the way. We will show you how a Solar system can pay for itself in just a short amount of time. We will guide you through the process of securing tax incentives, grants, as well as give you access to low interest green financing.

Residential, commercial or agriculture services.