World Water Crisis.

Whether it is water scarcity, flash floods or water contamination, these crises already affect every continent. Around 1.2 billion people, or almost one-fifth of the world’s population, live in areas of physical crisis, and 500 million people are approaching this situation. Another 1.6 billion people, or almost one quarter of the world’s population, face economic water shortages. There are reoccurring flash flood events daily across the United States and Worldwide that are creating unbelievable problems with storm water and runoff that damages the environment. Rain Catchers believes that capturing, storing and reusing this rainwater for good is of the utmost importance. We tailor our own Rain Catchers systems to optimize use for the individual.  (Information Sourced: UN.org)

783 Million people do not have access to a clean, safe, source of water.
Water is Earth’s complete and total life source. If you look at our planet’s surface and see that 70 percent of it is water, it may be hard to fathom that many parts of the world are suffering from a lack of this seemingly abundant resource. Of all the water present on earth 97.5% of it is not fit to drink.

Rain harvesting laws are changing with many States putting an emphasis on projects both large and small.

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