Rain Catchers also specializes in installing agricultural centers such as greenhouses or hoop houses. Growing in a controlled environment has several benefits. Allowing for year round maximum growth potential as well as an increase in yields, these applications are of benefit to anyone trying to grow for the community, or to support a farm/ family. Other agricultural practices such as drip irrigation can be paired to work within a greenhouse to optimize growth to it’s fullest potential. Rain Catchers has installed in places such as NC A&T State University and Paul J. Ceiner Botanical Garden The following facts about greenhouse application will also prove as beneficial.

• Full climate control and protection from harmful elements with no season gardening.

• Has the ability to operate from  solar and wind power sources

• Ability to design and size for specific need

• Year Round Gardening

• Optimum growing environment for plants.

• All in one place gardening.

• Multi-Purpose Gardening Spot

• Save on grocery expenses.