Drip irrigating your crops is an easy and efficient way to make sure your plants receive ample water, and can often times increase your yield. Rain Catchers has the ability to pump water from our rainwater containment cisterns or any natural water source to the desired area by the use of our drip tubes and emitters. We offer many types of irrigation including drip tape and poly tube fittings for use in gardens as well as greenhouses. We can scale this project for any kind of use.

What Is Drip Irrigation?
Drip irrigation is an efficient and economical method of watering. Used commonly in dry regions with scarce water resources. This irrigation method is typically more than 90%efficient at allowing plants to use the water applied. Unlike other forms of irrigation, such as sprinklers that are only 65-75% efficient, drip irrigation reduces runoff and evaporation. Drip irrigation applies the water slowly at the plant root zone where it is needed.

Drip irrigation has more commonly been used in commercial nursery and agricultural operations, however, homeowners are beginning to take advantage of its uses and benefits. As a homeowner, you can use drip irrigation in your vegetable and perennial gardens, and to water trees and shrubs.

Drip Irrigation Benefits

• Prevents disease by minimizing water contact with the leaves, stems, and fruit of plants.

• Allows the rows between plants to remain dry, improving access and reducing weed growth.

• Saves time, money, and water because the system is so efficient.

• Decreases labor.

• Increases effectiveness on uneven ground.

• Reduces leaching of water and nutrients below the root zone.