What sets Rain Catchers apart is that our systems are tailored to meet the specific needs of each property and budget. Our dedicated Team is here to walk you every step of being more self reliant and to help protect your interest. All while  directly addressing  and adapting to climate change, power, water and fresh food insecurities and rising cost. Binding and long term solutions are proven.

You can be assured that each and every property will receive extensive expertise and knowledge from our dedicated professionals. We have over 40 years experience in agronomic , horticulture, soil science, construction, land development, rain water harvesting, solar pumping and solar system installations. We have also added wind turbines to our portfolio of clean energy solutions for 2015. Rain Catchers is harvesting the elements to empower each owner to get the maximum out of their system. Whether your need is solar, wind, water, or agriculture, we are more than willing to guide you towards making your property as sustainable as possible, while providing a great rate of return and power, water and foods security.  Let our team help you all on one. For more information click here.

Why Harvesting the Elements with Rain Catchers is so vital?

• The flexibility of our power, water and food security systems allows for them to be set in rural or urban areas and they work well with new or aging infrastructure.

• Utilizing the solar or wind power through the use of turbines that can be installed on any type of land to create a reliable energy source for years to come.

• Our low maintenance and flexible systems are easy to transport, assemble and install efficiently.

• Cisterns are made from recycled pet plastics for up to 18 LEED credits in water alone. Additional credits for solar and wind, awarded from The US Green Building Council.

• Securing power and water supplies for disaster preparedness.

Rick Walker

Rick brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Rain Catchers with an extensive portfolio of work. With 40 years in horticulture, agriculture, rainwater harvesting, solar pumping, filtration, soil science, organics, land and resort development {past ARDA gold and silver winner} golf course management, clean water solutions, solar, wind turbine engineering and installation, Rick is no stranger to understanding our environment and how to harness it’s power for your home and/or business.

Janice Walker

ith 17 years at Walt Disney World as traiiner and over 20 years as an entrepreneur, Janice has managed multiple successful businesses.She has a passion for providing clean energy, water & food securities for future generations.With an extensive background in sales, marketing and agriculture (rainwater harvesting, pumping & filtration) plus knowledge in renewable energies such as wind & solar, Janice has helped build Rain Catchers from the ground up and continues to spearhead the company to nurture a sustainable future.